Saturday, May 28, 2011

Art for Our Lady: Marian Artist Trading Card Swap 2011

We signed up to participate in Marian Artist Trading Card Swap at Pondered In My Heart.
This was VERY intimidating to me since I am not an artist and 
I literally waited until the last minute 
to get the ball rolling paint flinging!

The littles were excited to work with the tiny (2.5" x 3.5") cards.

We used washable paints, black marker pens, color pencils and a red bingo marker.

Some of the card titles,
I wrote down exactly what they told me:
"Mary with a Big Smile" UNO
"Mary at Jesus' Tomb" UNO
"Joseph- Mary's Husband" DOS
"Mary's Garden" DOS

UNO's cards

DOS' cards
TRES' cards
My Cards
My inspiration was Our lady of Guadalupe. 
That is the name of the church I attended as a child. 
My mother had aprons made for her granddaughters and 
I hung up one of them for a visual. 

I was afraid of how they would turn out and I stuck with what was easy and
they actually turned out better than I imagined!

I'm so excited to receive our cards but 
even more excited for the kid's
reactions when their very own cards come in the mail!

Thanks so much Kimberlee for arranging the card swap and for all your time
separating, sorting, labeling, and mailing...etc. etc etc.

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