Friday, January 29, 2010

One for You! One for Me!

I just finished feeding TRES and put her down to play. DOS is always looking for the leftover she found it!

My fingers are clean! I just cleaned them with MY mouth!

Sisters sharing!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Painting Picasso's!

TUESDAY- Today I had UNO and DOS help me paint...bad idea. I bought some clothes pins to paint different colors so they could start color recognition, fine motor skills, projects, etc. What I thought would be something fun for ALL of us, turned into a clean up activity for mommy!

DOS so cleverly painted her tray the beautiful color of red, as well as her hands, and hair...YES HAIR!

UNO painted one clothes pin, his hands and his face.

So my Painting Picasso Day turned into a Painting Fiasco!

Mommy could not take any pictures since her hands were the beautiful shade of green!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday- ABC's and 123's

Today was our First Official Muffin Tin Monday!!! Our theme was ABC's and 123's.
Breakfast-Applesauce, Blueberries, Corn bread muffin
1-dried apple chip 2-banana wedges 3-cheese slices

This looked a little boring to me so I went colorful for lunch!

I've had these alphabet magnets FOREVER... (at least 6 years pre-mommy)and I finally get to use them!!!

n-noodles, g-goldfish, B-blueberries
1-protein bar (cut in the #1) o-5 olives p-pears

Friday, January 22, 2010

Cutting Bananas

I was thinking I needed to buy fake cutting food toys/ fruit ($$$) so the kids could practice cutting their fingers, I mean each other...I mean play fruit! Whew!

Instead, I decided to use real fruit and *gulp* real knives.  I remembered I had some cute plastic cutlery they were already using the forks and spoons from but I was always worried about handing them a murder weapon, uh... I mean a knife, even if it was plastic!

These knives turned out to be great and they enjoyed preparing their snack!



Arrgh! I'm a Pirate!

 TRES and her Pear...

Arrgh...that was mighty tasty!!

Rain Drops keep falling on my head...

Today I thought, "oh my, its raining...what are we going to do?" With some convincing from my sister...the pictures are worth a thousand words!! Thanks, sister! The kids had fun and so did I!!

Not quite sure what to do...

If all of the raindrops were lemon drops and gum drops, oh what a rain it would be!!!

I'd stand outside with my mouth open wide...
 Aah! Aah-Aah-Aah! Aah-Aah-Aah! Aah-Aah-Aah!

DOS is thinking, "I wish that I had duck feet!"

UNO loved splashing!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our Little Angel

While making dinner, I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw DOS mumbling and moving so I looked and she was making the Sign of the Cross!  Now she knew where to put her hands...but not exactly in the right order...(Mommy fixed it in pictures *wink*)

In the Name of the Father,

And of the Son, 
And of the Holy Spirit


Mr. Goldfish...Cookie Man

Mr. Goldfish has requested his name change to Cookie Man... so here it goes... KAZAAAMMM!!

I hope it makes Cookie Man sweeter! *wink*

Monday Madness...but just to start...

This was definitely a Monday! Mr. Goldfish woke up to a vandalized work truck!! The vandals had hit the wind shield with rocks and shattered it! ARGH! Very frustrating, but $ 178 later and everything was good to go!

I was so excited to start Muffin Tin Monday with the kids!! WOW...something exciting to look forward to on a Monday! I went on a Muffin Tin hunt to the Dollar Tree and scored these muffin tins for $1/each.  (I  need to go get more for when my sister's kids come to visit. Hopefully they will be here on a MONDAY!!) Here are the pictures of breakfast and lunch! UNO and DOS were so excited about breakfast they were "helping" me get lunch together.

Juice, Eggs, Toast and Jelly, Bananas, Craisins & Goldfish

DOS with her First Muffin Tin Monday Meal!

UNO grabbed up his craisins...his favorites!

LUNCH...cheese slices, turkey, mango, pretzels and chocolate icing for dipping.
YES, they even dipped their cheese in the icing!

TRES was enjoying her cereal too! I was able to get some cute pictures of her eating. Hilarious!


Here is my knock off KFC meal. Cookie Man said dinner smelled good but when he doesn't go for seconds...makes me wonder...

 Layered...Mashed Potatos, chicken, green beans, corn and gravy.

I was actually able to get to bed before 11 and had some good sleep! YAY!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sigh of Relief...

Mr. Goldfish made it back to us safe and sound...I however am a complete disaster! I don't think I realized exactly how MUCH Mr. Goldfish helps me in the evenings...

Oh and note to self...When you are all alone with 3 kids by yourself...GO TO SLEEP!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

36 hour Challenge Begins...

Mr. Goldfish is in Texas for about 36 hours... I am at home with a 3yo, a 23 month old and a teething 6 month old!!!

So my day began rushed, in that Mr. Goldfish didn't print his itinerary, route sheet for Texas and still needed to get to the ATM to have cash on hand before the shuttle picked him up down the street... Me- "Where are your pants?" Him- "I'm making sure they are dry."   "Honey, where's my wallet?", " The printer is only printing THIS!" All this before 6:20... HIM: "Honey, what time is the shuttle?" ME: "6:25"...and so it goes and on he went... *gulp*

I made some awesome pancakes with a recipe a friend of mine gave me...THEY ARE AWESOME!

Peanut Butter, Eggs, Baking Soda, Banana = YUMMY!

For lunch I made Lentil soup, (a dish Mr. Goldfish probably would not eat if he was here)... DOS had fun with the leftover lentils and I opened up a bag of Dried peas for UNO.

Check out that tongue...Concentration!

TRES now has her 2 bottom teeth and is cutting her top...poor baby, she is miserable and making sure I know it!

UNO and DOS help me make some Pumpkin Carrot Chocolate Chip Muffins (no recipe here, they are from a box and then you just throw stuff in to make them sound gourmet!!)

I am actually enjoying blogging! I love taking pictures of my kids and making sure everyone knows I actually DID do something today!!  LOL!! Mr. Goldfish's family had a family logbook they constantly wrote in...what a great treasure.  He bought us one when we got married and I'm not keeping up with it since before TRES was born...yikes!!

UNO was super tired and was out by 7, but..DOS and TRES tag teamed me and didn't go to sleep until 10! I am still un-bathed but my kids don't care and right now...neither do I!

22 hours and counting...

A Christmas Project.

This year I really wanted to get the kids a Play kitchen. I googled images and found one made out of an entertainment center. Mr. Goldfish was convinced we should just buy one and be done with it. (Christmas was just weeks days away!) So with my craigslist find, I started to get down and dirty with my power tools.  Now I didn't take any pictures of me working the power tools but please take my word for it!!

I still need to add a valance over the sink .

I did end up touching up with black paint on the edges.

Christmas morning!!

Fun Friday!

Today I set up some ice trays with pom-poms for the kids to play with...UNO really enjoyed trying to get them on his clothes pin and into the squares.

DOS had fun too! She still has not figured out how to pinch the clothes pin but it was cute watching her try!

TRES is wondering where all the noise went!?!