Friday, September 2, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

round button chicken

My favorite color!
My brother in law brought me Fresh Mint from his garden. 
I made 11- 4oz. jars of Mint Jam!

My mother's hands
She is making enchiladas.
I tell you this woman is NON STOP!! 
She is amazing.

{funny me!}
7 dozen cookie balls in the freezer!!
Apparently, THIS is the only way I can keep cookies 
from being eaten by a certain "Cookie Man"! 

(This was my mom's idea. 
Now I can make a quick dozen for playdates, bake sales, etc!!)

TRES took a picture of me!
 I am constantly running around taking pictures of my kids, food, projects, etc...
It's nice that they want to take pictures of me!
This is proof that I am {real}!!

More {phfr}!


Bethanne said...

Your mother's hands are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.--Bethanne

Leila said...

Yours is a very happy post! I love that you really exist!!

lindsey gallant said...

Great idea with the frozen cookie balls! I'll have to steal that one for sure :)

Lisa said...

Hi! Green is my favorite color, too - so cool.
I was just thinking of freezing cookie dough earlier today, and wondering if I should freeze all the dough, or if I could shape it, then freeze it - you must have read my mind!!

justamouse said...

that cookie idea is AMAZING. Tell your mom thank you for such a great idea!