Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Paper Bag Turkey

When I saw this idea at Tip Junkie, I was  
obsessing... psychotic.. stayed awake all night thinking about it... 
inspired to make it!

UNO was scheduled to take snack to pre-school today, GOLDFISH crackers!

Instead of throwing a couple of bags at the teacher and running
I thought it would be cute to add to the snack time fun!

Get the step by step instructions with photos here!

Here are pictures and the variations I used to create my feast!

 2 large paper bags
Turn one inside out.
 Since I didn't have the small lunch bags...I made my own!
 Turn them inside out and tape them.
 Future drumsticks
 Viola! One turkey ready for stuffing!
I forgot to take pictures of the frills in the making!
 I used bag goldfish. 
I also pinched the middle and pulled out to make it "fluffy"
 Stuff the "bird"!
Tuck under and tape closed.
Tape drumsticks.
 Our turkey!

I hope his class enjoys it as much as I enjoyed making it for them!

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Kammy said...

THIS is too much! I love it! I bet the preschoolers did, too.