Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Pictures

 UNO and TRES scooping pumpkin guts
Where's DOS?
"Mommy, it's too dirty?"

 TRES helping scoop out pumpkin guts

 Cookie Man (isn't he handsome!)

Our Pumpkins!

Ready to Trick or Treat!

The loot!
(Lucky for us... the Sugar Witch came by the next day and took it!)

A Halloween Swap
We recently participated in A Halloween Swap hosted by Mind Games. This was our second swap. 
You can read about our first swap here.

We were paired up with Duck, Duck, Cow!

The package arrived and was so awesome! 
Jessica neatly wrapped each gift which made it even more exciting!!

 UNO was excited about the spiders!
Emptying the box!
 DOS loved the feather boa!
 TRES quickly too these to...
Cookie Man! He was excited too!

I must say the best part of the swap was the introduction of "The Sugar Witch"!!
We always just gave the kids candy away and they were none the wiser. 

Jessica and her family have a bag that they put their candy in and
put out for the Sugar Witch to come and get! 
In return, she left a small gift for the kids.

This year our Sugar Witch left a note, a coupon and money!!
The note read, "Toy Story 3"!

We are glad to add this tradition to our Halloween Routine as well as
"Spookley, the Square Pumpkin" DVD!

We are also grateful for new blog friends!!

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