Friday, September 17, 2010

How we met...PART 1

On Tuesday the 14th, Cookie Man and I celebrated 6 years since we "met"! It is quite a love story...well at least to me...
Every year for my birthday, my sister would buy me a membership to an online dating site. Weird huh? I never really was in to the whole internet dating thing...eharmony, She actually skipped a couple of years and actually brought me a present, who'd a thought?!?

So after another year of complaining that I was going to be single forever...another membership was bought but this time to My faith is and always has been VERY important to me and I figured with religion out of the way, everything else would just fall into place. 

Met a guy from Arkansas...long story sparks! 

So another night of scoping out the goods lead me to another website 
 So I signed up to!

I looked at about 40 to 50 profiles (THAT NIGHT, yes, that night!) and send out 30...yup 30 Hello's... desperation...NO, I just knew the numbers were against me and I really had to jump in. Also at this point, I'm 33 and thinking "times a wastin!" LOL!

I got 3 responses back! One was a very polite, "Thanks but no thanks." The second was not interested in a LDR- that's "Long Distance Relationship" to you novice internet dating people.

The third was...

to be continued...

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