Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kids in the Kitchen

More Flour or Water?

I made crepes on Friday. 
The kids LOVE them.
They are time consuming and they wanted to help.

I needed to find something to occupy them
since I don't want them around an open flame.

Flour and water were the first thing to come to mind 
as they are cheap staples in the kitchen.

I put equal amounts of flour and water in a bowl.
They quickly dove in!
 I dumped it on the counter so they could knead it.
Action shot! They were moving so fast! ;)

DOS asking for more flour here.

I asked them if it felt like playdough.
I asked them if they needed more water or flour.

They figured out quickly too much water would make everything stick to their fingers.
Poor TRES. She always wanted more "agua" (water).
Kneading again.
  After many trial and errors, they were very happy!
UNO, Look ma it's not sticking!
The end results!
I am actually prepping them to make tortillas-
since Wela is coming to town next month... 
 she may need helpers!

And they will be alot yummier than this!!

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