Saturday, April 9, 2011

Crown of Thorns from Paper Nest

I saw this idea in a Magazine at the Dr's Office! 

I thought it could also make a great visual for a Crown of Thorns.

So easy to make:
-Lunch Paper bags
-Tacky Glue

TRES demonstrating how to open the bag

Scrunch up the bag and make into a circle

UNO waiting on another paper bag
  Now the fun part goes here...
when you dump the glue onto a paper plate 
and the kidlets go psycho over glue and sticks! guessed right, no pictures were taken
during this process!! 
Mommy's Nest

UNO's nest

DOS' nest

TRES' made with mommy's help
I think they turned out great!!

 Here are our "Crown of thorns" for their transformation on Easter Morning!!

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oh amanda {impress your kids} said...

Great idea! I love taking a piece of the story and making it come alive!

Thanks so much for linking up to Impress Your Kids!