Sunday, December 12, 2010

Celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

This has got to be my most favorite feast day to celebrate!! I grew up going to church at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.  Every year we would wake up to attend the morning "mañanitas"!

Play this video to hear Las Mananitas!

I have the best memories as a child attending the grand celebration!

Today the littles made Juan Diego Tilmas. 
We got the directions from this website but I made ours "Momma Friendly"!
(I cut out flowers with one of my punches!) 

The kids just simply glued their flowers around the Image of the Virgen.

 UNO and TRES showing off their tilmas.
(DOS fell asleep before the picture)

Last year, my mom..."Wela" had Our Lady of Guadalupe Aprons made for her and her granddaughters!
(She says for making tortillas and tamales!)
TRES posing in an OLG apron her "Wela" made for her.
(I'm thinking I need one too!)
After dinner we had Chocolate and Pan Dulce...
reliving another childhood memory!


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Evann said...

Oh, I needed one of those aprons when I was rolling tamales this weekend! Those are wonderful. Thank you for joining the O+L+G Feast Day Link Up and sharing your celebrations with us.