Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rain Gutter Book Shelves

We decided to put the kids in one room. Cookie Man's Idea...and it was a good one!  I wondered how I could separate the "boy side" from the "girl side"...Cookie Man's only request!

Since UNO and DOS share a trundle...hers tucked away under his...I needed to make sure NOT to obstruct the floor at all!

I had seen the Rain Gutter Idea at Raising Olives and it also included a tutorial.  You MUST check out her post and see the pictures of her book shelves!

I went to Home Depot and bought 40 feet of Rain Gutters...a bit too ambitious, Don't cha think?  The rain gutter is sold in 10' lengths a bit under $5/each. The end caps were $ 5.50/pair and the brackets were $ 1.90/each.

I cut mine into 5' lengths and they extend over both beds about 2" (I couldn't stand the thought of throwing away the scraps! ...although I did find an awesome idea to use them for but too late for now!)

They were super easy to put up!
 UNO sang the Bob the Builder song
UNO and DOS putting books on the shelf!

I put their favorite books within arms reach and will rotate them as needed.  The special books are placed on the higher shelf for mommy and daddy to reading time!

I am going to put one more below the last shelf so TRES can have her books within reach!

I do need to decorate the walls more...*sigh*...we are renting so painting is not an option!  But I'm on the look out for something easy! Any ideas???

I will update later once the lower shelf is in place!


Sarah said...

Great idea! I might steal it :) You can get some of those wall clings/stickers to put on the walls. They have them at almost every store now in tons of different themes and designs. They are reusable too! I just got a big tree for my girls room. It's beautiful!

Karen said...

Go to a thrift store, buy some tee shirts with cute designs, frame them, and hang them.

Stacy of KSW said...

They look FABULOUS! I've been putting off doing these myself because i was afraid the top of the gutters might be sharp enough to cut little hands? I really want to add several to my play space and after seeing yours (and your price breakdown, I'm thinking I might do three rows of 10ft shelves!!) I have a big blank wall across from my playroom that is just dying to be useful but doesn't quite know how ... maybe you have finally helped me solve the problem.

This is my first time on your site, so I'll have to go read up a bit about your kids but I'd be happy to help you find some fun ways to decorate your room.

AM from White House, Black Shutters said...

Saw you post your link at Fingerprints on the Fridge, I commented below you. Great idea, I love this!

Looking forward to seeing if you made any progress on a shared boy/girl room. I have a 18 mo girl and 4 mo boy who will be sharing a room in the future. So far I've kept it neutral (creams, browns, greens) adding little touches of pink on her side and will add bits of blue on his when he's in there.

Good to see a fellow Catholic mom, following you. :)
-Ann Marie