Sunday, June 20, 2010

My favorite 4 letter word...


I managed to score these freebies at my Brother-in-laws house!!! 

I instantly blacked out and almost hyperventilated!  

OK, OK... an exaggeration but the gears were spinning in my head so fast I was afraid I would get whip lashed!

I had been looking for something to be the focal point once you walked into the house.  Once in the front door, it is an instant tunnel view that leads you straight past the den, dining room and into the kitchen.

YES...I'd like to think that it is the wonderful aroma of my cookin' that get people scootin' that way but no it is kinda like the  moving walkway  you see at airports...

Goodbye, once again John Ritter!

One can of chalkboard paint and ...VIOLA! Instant gratification! and it took longer to dry than it did to make...about 15 minutes!!

Our first message is for Cookie Man...
I still have to hang coat hooks and set it up but it looks good so far!

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